How do POS Displays influence shopper behaviour

Despite working in the POS industry for over eight years, I am what you would describe as an ‘impulse shopper’ – I am a brand’s dream! I am engaged in store by colour, look, feel, fonts – you name it. If it stands out or interrupts an aisle then chances are I am going to head over and take a closer look. 

An interesting factor here is that I am a not a price point driven consumer. Alike the 82%* of shoppers that make their purchase decisions in store, I select products based on their impact and the format in which said products are presented to me. If a bottle of whiskey is displayed on a merchandising unit that has been designed in the shape of the bottle, you have me.

This is what we would describe as pivotal ‘shopper behaviour’ and now more than ever it is important that brands and their POS suppliers understand these and conceptualise their in-store promotions around them. It will not come as surprise that COVID-19 has changed the way in which shoppers purchase in-store. Many have used different shopping channels, tried new brands and visited different stores. It is clear through our research that retailers will be investing heavily in understanding those new consumer behaviours and shopping patterns in order to adapt to the ‘new normal’ – in turn we will be working closely with our brands and ensuring we are one step ahead of the curve.

A shopper will only spend seven seconds looking at a display* so it is imperative that the POS we design for you here at Display is innovative and lends itself to shopper instincts. Simple touches, such as ensuring the key promotion messaging is placed on the header card to utilising the right contrast in colours to increase visibility – we have it all covered and are on hand to support and guide you as you make these important design decisions. 

Our team will apply their knowledge of shopper behaviours to help your products stand out, convert to purchase and most importantly, build brand loyalty.

For more information on shopper insights, please head over to our ‘Contact us’ page where a member of the team will be on hand to assist you.

How do POS Displays influence shopper behaviour 

Amy Wetherell | Account Manager | Display UK

Amy has worked 8 years in the Point-of-Sale (POS) industry and has experience in working on projects across all the retail sectors. She works with a wide variety of brand partners from beauty & grooming to confectionery, she is also a member of the new business team.

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